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Wise Women University


Wise Women University is a personal, professional and spiritual development learning platform for women who are borderline Baby Boomers and Generation Xers (age range 35 to 60ish). However, younger women who are also future-focused and mature will find Wise Women University to be a valuable resource as well. 

This empowering platform provides its participants with valuable and practical information that will equip them to get the most out of their personal endeavors (Module 1), professional development (Module 2), as well as gain a more solid footing on their spiritual development (Module 3). More specifically, the teachings are designed to help forward thinking women achieve purpose, profitability and peace at a time when they are facing crucial life changes.


Module One was a success! It begins again July 8, 2019.

                        Module two begins february 25, 2019.                          

module three begins April 29, 2019.

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