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Dr. Alonia is renowned for delivering heartfelt messages of hope and encouragement. Her signature message, BFLY(SM) challenges women to be fierce, be lifted, be you. No matter where you are in your metamorphosis of life, you can make it if you don't give up. Enjoy this burst of inspiration and be inspired to BFLY(SM)!
"I know what it's like to be down for the count. Trust me: I've seen more than my share of the vicissitudes of life. But I also experienced a number of breakthroughs that, had I given up, would have never come into fruition. This is the foundation of the BFLY(SM) brand of inspiration. I am on a mission to encourage you to stay the course. Regardless of your circumstances, you can make it if you resolve not to give up. So, what do you do in the meantime? Be FLY: Be Fierce. Be Lifted. Be You!"
     - Dr. Alonia

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