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The Writer

"Alonia (Parks) was one of the first Mayor's Scholars under my administration. It is a joy to see that her gift of communication is still making room for her."

The Honorable Andrew Young

Former Mayor

City or Atlanta

Not only is Dr. Alonia an award winning journalist, but her expertise as a communications professional has made her a highly commendable publishing expert. From ghost writing to corporate communications to professional development items such as resumes, bios, vision statements, etc., she is a much sought after and invaluable resource to many.

To speak with Dr. Alonia concerning your next writing project, contact her directly at

(770) 256-4337.

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Many people erroneously believe that proofreading and editing are one in the same. There IS a difference. Proofreading reveals any errors with grammar, spelling, punctuation, omitted words, unnecessarily repeated words, etc. Editing assures that the whole context of the document flows accordingly. Nonetheless, the vitality of the two remains one in the same; they go hand in hand.

Without doubt, proofreading and editing are services that the author may feel confident in providing him/herself. However, there are benefits in hiring a professional. For one, the word processing tool, “spell check”, does not always catch every misspelled word. Plus, there may be instances where a word does not show up as misspelled, yet, it is not the word that was intended to be used. Also, sometimes the author may be too close to the work to be objective. Therefore, assuring the proper context of the work may not be as easy of a task as expected.

The rules of proofreading and editing are ever-changing. The overall goal of this company as it relates to providing this service is to assure that the document has been professionally proofed and edited to the highest of industry’s standards. By providing strict attention to details and by employing an excellent command of the English language, the company is committed to presenting a final product that the author can be proud of.


We are pleased to offer book publishing/ghostwriting as part of the many services that we offer. The scope of this service can be done in one of three ways. For manuscripts that are already developed, we will edit and proofread the document and offer consultation to assure that all aspects are in place so that the manuscript is ready for publication. If the book is to be ghostwritten, then there will be a series of interviews wherein we listen to your story and put it in a written form that is representative of the overall message you wish to convey. If there are pieces to the book that are already recorded, we will review that information as well. In addition to the first two ways, there are instances where there is a need for the two just- described services to be combined.

Our publishing service is categorized as subsidy publishing, wherein we are a bit different from traditional commercial publishers. While they will play a key role in the distribution of your book, their overall aim is to split the profits of your book. Our philosophy is that your book and your profits belong to you. We position you to make your book a reality. All we ask for in return is to pay the agreed upon fees, and we allow you to handle the rest from there. Should something major happen with your book, we leave it up to the client to decide how they would like to proceed with their good fortune.

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